Green Drinks – Green things on your mind? Want to drink about them?

Parishes within our area are showing deep concern about the current ecological crises, with one of them already having declared a Climate Emergency.  This means that all decisions taken by them in future will be measured against the respective climatic and ecological consequences.  But should we be leaving all the work in this vitally important area up to the handful of individuals who have stepped up to public service on the Parish Councils?  We are, after all, all in this together and now, more than ever, the Councillors need the support of their fellow parishioners.

This is where Green Drinks comes in.  There is undoubtedly a huge body of creative thinking and talent in our communities just waiting to be tapped, and our monthly gathering is an opportunity to come along and share your ideas, your skills and your passions with both your fellow residents and your local Parish Councillors.  As the saying goes: “No-one has all the answers, but together we are a genius”.

The climate/ecological crises require a concerted and combined effort.  This is, after all, our home and we all have a responsibility to contribute to ensuring it is as happy and as healthy as it can be for our children, grandchildren and future generations ….. of all species.  But all is not doom and gloom!  The Chinese word for crisis is made up of two characters:  danger and opportunity.  We understand the former but if we focus on the latter we’re likely to find a wealth of exciting, rewarding and empowering possibilities which, who knows, could also be a lot of fun!

So please join us at the York Inn, Churchinford, 7-9pm on the last Wednesday of each month for some informal networking.  There is no agenda, just a chance to be part of an ever-expanding conversation.  For more information please contact or 01823 602908.  

We look forward to seeing you on 29th January, 2020.