Our range of activities includes:

  • Repair Cafe: We run one of the most successful Repair Cafes in the UK, once every 2 months in Hemyock Village Hall and once a month as part of the Churchinford Market. We have set up a permanent repair shed where people meet several times a week to tackle the more difficult and time consuming repairs at Jim’s Shed; In 2021 and first quarter of 2022 (Covid times) the repairs completed through the Repair Café saved 2.94 tonnes of Carbon emissions, 1.43 tonnes of waste was prevented and 0.81 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill.
  • Apple Days: Throughout late Summer, early Autumn we loan our Apple Pressing equipment to communities across the Blackdown Hills and also host our own Apple Day where people can bring their apples to make juice/cider;
  • Churchinford 2030: A local initiative to bring people together from across the Blackdown Hills to find local solutions to climate and environmental challenges. We currently have 3 groups, Rewilding, Food Growing Community and Community Energy Group, who are all busy with developing various projects locally.
  • Blackdown Hills Eco Hub: We run a number of workshops at the Blackdown Hills Eco Hub in Combe Raleigh, make biochar from waste hedge-cuttings, have partnered with Plymouth University on various biochar, green thermal wall and other research projects and set up a food growing community in April 2023, sharing organic food with local community larders, foodshares and our neighbours.