Apple Trail - Update

In the September’s issue of this Parish News, it was announced by the Blackdown Hills Transition Group that a long distance walk is being planned for East Devon called the ‘Apple Trail’, between Sidmouth and Taunton. You may remember.

A resident thought it was a good for several reasons, so enquiries were made with the parish council, some residents and a local nursery. The questions were what traditional local apple trees to plant and where?

Just in time for the planting season two trees of variety Plum Vite were planted at Percy Cross. It is a sweet juicy dessert, grafted on rootstock MM106 expected height 4M. Supplied by Adam’s Apples. More trees next planting season. The trees are for our community, please take care of them, and then enjoy their fruit.

It being community project fits nicely in with the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy legacy.

Thanks to the workers Ben Algar from the youth club, Tim Clewer and John Crew. In the picture are Ben and John.