Minutes BHTG Meeting - 5TH Feb 2014


Harriers Forches Corner, Clayhidon.


Geraldine, Phil, Jim, Lesley, Emet and Chassidah, Neil and Kathy. New members attending meeting: Richard Brailsford, Tim Allen and Natalie Morro


Gordon, Sandra, Tracey, Alison, Tim and Caroline, Emet, Charles, Moira and Jenny, Andrew Lovering, Caroline Allen

Given the dreadful weather conditions and flooding, it was a miracle that so many people managed to attend the meeting.Minutes of last the meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record. No matters arising except for the following actions.


Gordon has produced some brilliant drawings of instructions for the smaller press. Need to have similar instructions for the larger press by Gordon.

Lesley/Tracey to co-ordinate indemnity statements for when the apple pressing equipment is loaned and given to Gordon for inclusion.

Geraldine, Jim and Neil to agree/sign off the final documents

Neil has laminator and has agreed to laminate the final agreed documents

Emet gave £48 financial donation received for the Stentwood apple days to BHTG. This arose due to the kind donation of bottles by Vigo post-event so monies were raised from sale of bottles for apple juice. Also, Jim had £20 donation from someone who borrowed the press, giving a total of £68 raised from the presses for BHTG.

Transition Funds

See Emet/Jim actions above. Total £68 from apple days and loans.

Energy Group Action

Neil still to coordinate a meeting

Seed Swap Sunday

Seed Swap Sunday 23rd Feb to be held at Stentwood. Lovely posters produced for distribution. Need clear labels on all seeds to swap or if folk have no seed, then by donation. Emet stated their gardener may not be there so we need adequate cover for explanations, questions etc.


Neil to spend time with Emet on 23rd Feb for web site training in order to upload the information sent to Parish magazines. 

Communication Group

We’ve lost Joshua from the Communication Group and also he was the BHTG secretary. Has anyone seen our official blue folder of signed minutes that he had?


Tim and Richard volunteered to take on and redefine the Communication Group’s strategy, to be presented and agreed at the AGM.


Phil gave posters and information about the next film for Thursday 27th feb14 at The Boston Tea Party in Honiton “The Truth Behind the Dash for Gas” by Marco Jackson. Alternative films and documentaries shown every 2nd Thursday of the month. See www.communitycafehoniton.blogspot.com

Future Meeting Venues

Next meeting is the AGM. Emet to confirm that April 10th does not clash with Passover and if so, we need to re-arrange asap.

Thurs April 10th: Stentwood Farm Dunkerswell EX14 4RW

Tues 10thJune: Lodge House Buckland St Mary Somerset TA 20 3TA

Wed Aug 6th: Hemyock Catherine Wheel EX15 3RQ?

Tues Oct tbc: Candlelight Bishopwood TA20 3RS

Thurs Dec tbc: Geraldine and Gordons Otterhead Lodge TA3 7EE


Woodland Fair June 21st