Parish Magazine article March 2016

Its that time of year again when there is Spring in the air and gardeners turn their attention to preparing what seed they will need for the start of the new growing season. 

Gardeners and allotment holders have always tended to share their expertise and knowledge including seeds but increasingly local communities are widening this to include all of us with a bit of garden by holding a seed swap. They tend to small-scale affairs in settings where people naturally congregate usually the village hall.

There are many reasons to support a local seed swap. For example they are a way of keeping costs down, as purchasing seed gets more and more expensive. Often you can’t use all the seed in a packet so why not swap some of the seed with someone else who has a variety you would like to grow. Swapping seed also assists in preserving heritage varieties and challenging the dominance of the big seed companies who would prefer you to buy seed from them every year and generally sell varieties that cannot grow viable seed. Seed swaps also provide a venue for getting to know which varieties grows best in your local soil conditions and for swapping organic stock.

The Blackdown Hills Transition Group has been hosting seed swaps for the past 5 years. This year we will be hosting a table at Churchinford Farmers Market on 5th March in the village Hall 10am to 12 am, and at Dunkeswell Farmers Market Throgmorton Hall a week later on the 12thMarch again 10am to 12am. So why not come along with any seed you want to swap in small envelopes and see what you can find. Don’t worry if you don’t have seed to swap for a small donation you can take some of what is available donated by other gardeners.

Blackdown Hills Transition and Honiton Transition Group also hosts “View and Chew” every 3rd Thursday of the month at the Beehive Centre Dowell Street, Honiton EX14 1LZ. On the 17th March and 14thApril the film being shown is “Growthbusters”. There is an opportunity to view a film related to environmental issues and have a discussion with others about the issues raised. The cafe / bar will be open for drinks and snacks from 6.30 & we start the film around 7pm Further information available from Tim Clewer 07701053491

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Jim Rogan, Chair Blackdown Hills Transition Group