Salad Days

With 20% of spring rainfall only, the summer of 2011 in the Blackdown Hills cries out for water after another extreme winter. Once again the land transformed from frozen iron to hot and dry.

Two builders’ bagfuls of steaming fresh horse manure heated the polytunnel, keeping the cold off the salad and young chard overwinter. As soon as the day length started changing, the leaves took off and we started this year’s salad bags in March.

One of the many things we love about salad and herbs, are their seeds. Each variety has a unique look and feel to the seed, growing into living patchwork jewels of different colours and textured leaves in the outside salad beds. We call the picking, careful washing, packing and distribution of the salad bags a labour of love. Love for those seeds, the leaves, the endless potting on, planting in the earth then harvest.

Jun 2011 – Lesley&Jim Rogan, Blackdown Hills Transition Group

Organic seed mainly from Real Seed Company. We have young veggie plants including salad available in season for our local nursery, with seasonal salad and herb bags in farm shops, at farmers markets and the Churchinford Village Shop.

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