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There are probably as many ways to begin a journey into Transition as there are people interested in doing so. If you have found any of the Transition websites, you have probably already begun, but only a year ago I had never heard of the movement at all. I had taken some small steps tho’, inspired by the film ‘Age of Stupid’…or perhaps maddened by realising how I was sleepwalking towards an uncertain future. Someone had emailed me a link to whose stated mission is to “ensure that the views and values of the world’s people inform global decision-making.” They tackle issues of Climate change and human rights.  I duly signed a petition, and was astonished to find myself part of a 6 million strong global community that actually seemed to be able to make a difference…sometimes. Through this I found 10:10, and friends of the earth; all lobbying with passion and growing numbers. I’d stumbled across something I could do while my children slept. I began to feel that together with others we might make things a bit better, or try at least, so that when my children wake I could look them in the eyes and say we tried.

The chances are that you are already doing something to turn the tide; build on it, make it bigger, make it better. Here follows a list of some of the organisations to which you could add your voice or your efforts……..JOIN IN!

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National and Global