1.  The Group shall be known as Blackdown Hills Transition Group.

2. The Group is established to act as a focal point for all those with an interest in transition issues within and around the Blackdown Hills AONB

3. In doing this the Group will:

a) Look actively for funding to strengthen and ensure the long term  future of the Group.

b) Work with other organisations, private, government, statutory and voluntary, and with individuals & parishes to achieve our aims

c) Identify specific people/organisations to take the recommendations forward

d) Prepare an annual report of its activities

e) Make an annual report of activities to all members

4. Membership of the Group is open to all those with an interest in transition and organisations and bodies working with or for that purpose within the Blackdown Hills and surrounding area. We commit to strive for inclusivity across our entire initiative. We’re aware that we need to strengthen this point in response to concerns about extreme political groups becoming involved in transition initiatives. We support the UN Declaration of Human Rights (General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948). Extreme political groups that have discrimination as a key value cannot participate in the decision-making bodies within our transition initiative

5. The committee shall comprise no fewer than 8 members. 

6. All members of the Group shall have one vote.

7. The Group shall have a minimum of 4 meeting(s) a year in addition to the Annual General Meeting.

8. An Annual General Meeting shall be held annually in the month of April or within one month of the stated month) where a report of the Groups activities will be made and accounts presented.

9. The Group shall elect annually a committee at its Annual General Meeting. The number of members of the committee shall be 8 members

The Group shall elect a Chairman at its Annual General Meeting. The Chairman will have an additional, casting, vote in the event of a tied vote.

10. The committee shall meet at times and venues which will make the meetings accessible to the widest number of members. The Committee shall meet a minimum of twice during the financial year in addition to the Annual General Meeting.

11. Notice of committee meetings shall be given three weeks in advance of the meeting.

12. Minutes of all meetings shall be kept.

13. The minimum number of members needed for a meeting to proceed is three.


14. The Committee may appoint a secretary (who may or may not be a member of the committee). It will be the duty of the Secretary to draw up an agenda in consultation with the Chairman.

15. A Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee. The Treasurer shall be one of three signatories for a bank account. All financial transactions must be done with two signatures, one of which should be the Treasurer’s.

16. The Group shall review its activities no later than (3 years from the date of its establishment) to review progress and whether it wishes to continue.

17. A meeting of the membership shall decide by a majority vote to dissolve the Group

18. All funds remaining in the account (subject to all debts being cleared) shall be given to an organisation with similar aims working for the benefit of fibre producers and users.