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Car Share Devon

Devon County Council have worked in partnership with Plymouth City Council and Torbay Council to set up This website aims to maximise people’s travel options whilst also reducing the number of cars on the roads, cutting pollution, saving money and protecting the environment. 

Devon Association for Renewable Energy

DARE’s Mission is “To facilitate and promote the production and use of Renewable Energy in Devon – 
by working to break down barriers, and by helping to provide appropriate support services to Local Authorities, Businesses, Community Groups and Individuals” 

Devon CAN (Devon Climate Action Network)

There are many groups and individuals across Devon interested in sustainability, transition and low carbon useage. Up until now these groups have been largely working in isolation with variable degrees of success in their campaigning. Devon Climate Action Network plans to help these groups in their work by:
1. facilitating the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources
2. helping the groups promote each others work
3. helping coordinate joint campaigns to reach the Devon population in a more effective manner
4. offering a coordinated lobbying of local government
We believe that through rapidly accelerating climate change and the reaching of peak oil, a collapse in world economic order as we know it is about to happen. By working together we believe we will be more effective at getting our message across.

The Devon CAN Network is your network. Please let us know what you as a group or as an individual would want the Network to do for you. Have you any skills or knowledge that you would like to share? Do you know of other individuals or groups who would like to be involved in the Network? Please spread the word. By working together we can work smarter. Time is short. We need to look at different ways of improving the delivery of our message. We believe that Devon CAN will be able to help promote the message to a different level. For further details contact;

Founded by Tara Button in 2016, Buy Me Once is on a mission to throw away our throwaway culture!  They champion long-lasting products and campaign for change, to help humanity shift its shopping habits to long-term buying.

YouTube Search

How to repair………practically anything!

Free repair guide for everything, written by everyone!  For the love of fixing!

They’re community spaces for men to connect, converse and create.  The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together.

The Remakery is a co-operative workshop space that diverts valuable waste materials away from landfill and supports local communities in increasing their skills, confidence and employment opportunities.

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