Heart and Soul

How do we feel when we see films showingthe devastating effects possible through climate change? What is our response to the potential challenges we face if oil becomes prohibitively expensive – or runs out? Sometimes it can feel just too awful to comprehend and we just have to put our head in the sand.

However if you are reading this article you probably have raised your head above the parapet and are looking at issues we face, maybe considering practical steps you could take. The Transition philosphy is that if we work together we can make changes, find innovative ways of dealing with difficulties, enter a period of transition that will enable us to move towards the creation of supportive communities and a sustainable society that cares about our fellow humankind and the natural world on which we depend. And the process could be fulfilling, enjoyable, a time for opportunity!

So Heart and Soul groups exisit within Transition to support and inspire us through these challenging and exciting times. We each have a valuable part to play. Different areas will interest different people. However we are a whole, we cannot exist independently. This is one of the lessons we are having to learn, that the whole of nature, our whole world is a vital inter-dependant living entity and we affect it.

Our own Heart and Soul group in Blackdown Hills Transition, is in its infancy and as with just about everything else we do not know how it will evolve but it may be an adventure! The outer changes will be affected by the inner transitions and vice versa. So ideas, thoughts, reflections and suggestions will be welcomed. In the meantime I am hoping to attend a conference in Bristol on November 13th which is looking at the psychological impact of the times we are in. Let me know if you would like more information about the conference.

Jenny Ash.

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